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26 10, 2015

Install SublimeLinter-php on Windows


I like to work with Sublime Text because of the many packages and simplicity. You can customize the applications in almost any way possible: color schemes, packages, settings

Install SublimeLinter-php on Windows2018-05-17T14:02:47+02:00
28 03, 2015

Power outage and servers: safe online


Yesterday there was a major power outage in Noord-Holland, The Netherlands. This showed us how much we depend on power and how limited we are when there is no

Power outage and servers: safe online2015-03-28T13:49:47+02:00
1 03, 2015

Create a Laravel 5 package with Laravel 4 illuminate/workbench


At we work with the Laravel framework for our internal systems. The framework provides us basic functions and a MVC structure making development much easier. We can

Create a Laravel 5 package with Laravel 4 illuminate/workbench2015-03-01T18:11:51+02:00
11 01, 2015

5 years of


On 11 January 2015 is 5 years old! We are grateful to our loyal clients and are proud that our first customer is still with us after

5 years of Yourwebhoster.eu2018-05-17T13:44:48+02:00
3 01, 2015

2015: A new year with new payment methods

2019-05-29T15:48:44+02:00 has clients all over the world and offers several international payment gateways like Skrill, Paypal and a bank transfer. This year we have added some additional payment options

2015: A new year with new payment methods2019-05-29T15:48:44+02:00