We are all waiting for the official farming protocol. But the demand for Chia pools is rising and what is a safe unofficial Chia pool Unofficial Chia farming pools allow you to join the group effort to win the Chia lottery. However, farming in unofficial pools can be dangerous. Just like when you buy lottery tickets in a group, the chance of winning something could be higher with pooling. But, since the pools have their own protocols and propertiary software, it is unknown in what the danger is of such pools.

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Is Hpool a safe Chia pool?

Hpool dates from 2017 and exists long before Chia allowed transactions. Hpool has build their own clients and does not publish the source code. They also offer other coins like BitcoinHD and Burst. Windows, MacOS and Linux is supported. Pay-outs are done on a daily basis, although it seems like they have slowed down a bit.

While Hpool is probably the first to support unofficial Chia pooling, the facts is that they have a closed source and nobody can confirm or deny with proof that your wallet keys are being transferred to Hpool. Therefore, it is unclear how safe your wallet is during and after having used Hpool. Even when you have stopped using Hpool, it is still unclear whether they have hold your keys or not.

Pros Hpool

  • Daily payout
  • Minimum payout is 0.1 XCH

Cons Hpool

  • Chinese only (use Google Translate instead of the English version)
  • Software is propiertary (closed-source)
  • Recently had a name change from hpool.com to hpool.co.
  • No official Chia pooling

Is Foxypool a safe Chia pool?

A less known unofficial Chia pool is Foxypool. They are working (as far as I can tell) on an official version on chia.foxypool.io, however, you can find an unofficial Chia OG Foxypool  version here.

Pros Foxypool Chia OG

Cons Foxypool Chia OG

  • Minimum payout is 1.75 XCH
  • No official Chia pooling.

Which unofficial Chia pool is safe to use in June 2021?

So, which unofficial Chia pools are safe to use? Perhaps this is not the answer what you are looking for, but neither pools are safe nor can be trusted. At least, not the unsafe version. The best thing you can do is wait until there is official Chia pooling support. The Official Chia Pool Github page refers to  miningpoolstats.stream/chia for a list of pools. However, do note that this list includes hpool as well, so the list does not guarantee that these are safe pools.