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Everyone is familiar with WordPress and the benefits the CMS brings to the table. It’s common knowledge WordPress is fast, flexible and scalable. WordPress offers the best opportunities to build the most beautiful websites without any programming knowledge. But what if all of that flexibility causes your website to slow down? Hello WordPress LiteSpeed hosting!

A slow website is bad for your Google rankings. Like humans, search engines don’t like to wait. They reward fast websites. Just look at yourself: how quickly do you click away from a website if it doesn’t want to load? And that’s exactly where WordPress LiteSpeed hosting comes in.

Servers and tools

A server is called upon when you visit a website. The server contains tools that ensures the visitor to see a page when he or she visits the website. It started with Apache, which handled static content just fine. Unfortunately for this toolset, the internet became more and more dynamic, so Apache couldn’t handle it anymore. There was a call for new toolsets. And there was LiteSpeed.

The emergence of LiteSpeed

LiteSpeed didn’t just came out of the blue. LiteSpeed Technologies was founded in 2002. The first web server from LiteSpeed came in 2003. However, it took a while before a web server package could be offered that could serve as a replacement for Apache. This happened in 2007, only 4 years later.

LiteSpeed has evolved over the years. The LiteSpeed servers aren’t open source, which means that you have to pay for a LiteSpeed server. This has advantages: there is professional support in case of problems and questions, the further development is streamlined and there is a fixed vision. wants to offer its customers the best online experience. That is why we work with LiteSpeed servers as well. This way we can ensure our customers to focus on what they really like, without having to worry about the speed of their website. You don’t have to worry about (potential) customers or clients and whether they shut down the page because it’s too slow. 

LiteSpeed Cache Plugin

LiteSpeed provides caching, a technique to speed up your website. Instead of using PHP and MySQL to generate a page, caching ensures the pages on your website are stored in memory. As a result, they are quickly displayed to the website visitor.

LiteSpeed Cache works optimally with the LiteSpeed servers uses. LiteSpeed optimizes your website, compresses your website and, most importantly, speeds up the website. By using the caching plugin, you are assured of optimal operation.

Benefits of WordPress LiteSpeed Hosting
  • Higher rankings in search engines:
    Search engines like Google like speed. Fast loading times helps you achieve higher rankings than your competitors and colleagues!

  • Faster service; better experiences:
    Like Google, your customers love speed. Speed improves the user experience, which ensures more sales will be generated.

  • Maintenance without downtime:
    LiteSpeed web servers can be maintained without shutting down the server. This means all of your clients websites will continue to work during server maintenance.
  • HTTP/3 Ready:
    LiteSpeed is ready, bring on the HTTP/3 protocol!
  • Stability above all:
    The hardware of the server is spared because LiteSpeed uses the computing power and RAM memory smartly and sparingly. This ensures speed, but just as important: stability. Because overload is avoided, you can count on the LiteSpeed webserver.
    LiteSpeed web server.

  • High work pressure? No problem!
    Nginx is the alternative to LiteSpeed. But that doesn’t mean that Nginx is just as fast! In addition, various test scores indicate LiteSpeed is often tens of times faster than Apache. This is especially true when multiple requests are made at the same time.

Do I need LiteSpeed as well?

If you have any doubts about the health score of your website in terms of speed, you can always take a look at Google’s Pagespeed or GTmetrix. These tools can share very valuable information about the speed of your website. In addition to the speed score of your website, these tools also ensure it becomes clear to you where speed optimizations can be achieved.

Want a blazing fast website as well?

Have you tried everything, but your website remains slow? Or are you a reseller and your customers’ websites are actually much too slow? Take a look at our hosting plans that always include LiteSpeed. Our WordPress LiteSpeed hosting will take you and your customers to higher levels. 

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