Enterprise Acronis backup

Store your backups securely in The Netherlands with encrypted Acronis backups for your server, web hosting servers and desktop.

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Remote backup

Create remote back-ups of your server in a ISO 27001 certified datacenter in The Netherlands.

Database backup

Native database backup for SQL server and MySQL/MariaDB.

Webserver backup

Create backups of your cPanel/Plesk/DirectAdmin webserver.

Cloud backup

Backup either Microsoft 365 or Google workspace to our datacenter in Meppel.


High-performance for low-cost
7,95 Monthly*
  • 2 cores
  • 40 GB NVME
  • Unlimited data transfer**
  • IPv4 and IPv6 native
  • Dronten, The Netherlands (EU)

Acronis backup pricing

ItemPricing from 1 January 2023
Price per GB (Meppel)€ 0,02
Price per GB (Acronis DC)€ 0,04
Price per GB (Azure or Google DC)€ 0,05
Virtual Machine license (Windows, Linux)€ 5,10
vCloud Director Virtual Machines€ 6,00
Webserver license (cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin)€ 3,40
Workstation license (Windows, Mac)€ 3,40
Physical Server license (Windows server, Linux)€ 17,5
Mobile device license€ 1,00
Microsoft 365 per mailbox license€ 1,30
Google Workspace per mailbox license€ 1,30
Website license€ 1,50
Advanced Backup Physical Servers€ 10,00
Advanced Backup Virtual Machines€ 4,00
Advanced Backup Workstations€ 1,00
Advanced Backup Hosting Servers€ 1,00
Advanced Management Workloads (Servers, VMs, Workstations, Hosting Servers)€ 1,50
Advanced Security Workloads (Servers, VMs, Workstations, Hosting Servers)€ 1,00
Advanced Email Security Mailboxes€ 1,90
Advanced Data Loss Prevention Workloads (Servers, VMs, Workstations, Hosting Servers)€ 2,50


Backups are stored in the Serverius datacenter in Meppel, The Netherlands. This is a ISO 27001 certified datacenter.

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