1 03, 2015

Create a Laravel 5 package with Laravel 4 illuminate/workbench


At Yourwebhoster.eu we work with the Laravel framework for our internal systems. The framework provides us basic functions and a MVC structure making development much easier. We can

Create a Laravel 5 package with Laravel 4 illuminate/workbench2015-03-01T18:11:51+01:00
11 01, 2015

5 years of Yourwebhoster.eu


On 11 January 2015 Yourwebhoster.eu is 5 years old! We are grateful to our loyal clients and are proud that our first customer is still with us after

5 years of Yourwebhoster.eu2018-05-17T13:44:48+02:00
3 01, 2015

2015: A new year with new payment methods


Yourwebhoster.eu has clients all over the world and offers several international payment gateways like Skrill, Paypal and a bank transfer. This year we have added some additional payment options

2015: A new year with new payment methods2019-05-29T15:48:44+02:00
3 11, 2014

How to install nginx on CentOS 6


Compared to Apache Nginx is a light-weight high performance web server. This makes it interesting to install the software on a VPS. Unfortunately CentOS 6 does not support

How to install nginx on CentOS 62014-11-03T19:16:31+01:00
10 09, 2014

Maintenance window .eu registry


The .eu registry has a maintenance window starting from Friday 12 September 22:00 UTC to Monday 15 September 07:00 UTC. During the maintenance it is not possible to

Maintenance window .eu registry2014-09-10T12:17:03+02:00
25 06, 2014

Timthumb security bug


Many WordPress themes and other systems use the script timthumb to resize and crop images. This happens in the background and usually you do not see a reference

Timthumb security bug2014-06-25T18:41:16+02:00
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