10 09, 2014

Maintenance window .eu registry


The .eu registry has a maintenance window starting from Friday 12 September 22:00 UTC to Monday 15 September 07:00 UTC. During the maintenance it is not possible to

Maintenance window .eu registry2014-09-10T12:17:03+02:00
3 09, 2014

New backup location: Amsterdam


Backups are important and should be planned carefully. Sometimes I see situations where backups are created - which is a good thing - but are stored on the

New backup location: Amsterdam2018-05-17T13:47:27+02:00
25 06, 2014

Timthumb security bug


Many WordPress themes and other systems use the script timthumb to resize and crop images. This happens in the background and usually you do not see a reference

Timthumb security bug2014-06-25T18:41:16+02:00
21 06, 2014

How we safely use SuperMicro IPMI


SuperMicro IPMI is one of the tools we use to remote control our servers. Recently a security bug is discovered which easily grants access to intruders. In this

How we safely use SuperMicro IPMI2014-06-21T10:45:02+02:00
11 02, 2014

Maintenance 11 February 2014


Hello there! Today we will perform the maintenance on our services. You can find more information about the maintenance here. Here is a sum up (time is in GMT+1):

Maintenance 11 February 20142014-02-11T08:00:33+02:00
6 02, 2014

Surprise: 2N power feeds!


Last month I promised that we would have a surprise for every client. Unfortunately the planned surprise requires more time then expected so we have to delay that

Surprise: 2N power feeds!2018-05-17T13:49:03+02:00
11 01, 2014

4 years and counting!


Some people do not like birthdays: it reminds them of getting older. But we at like birthdays! It is a nice moment to celebrate our existence with

4 years and counting!2018-05-17T13:50:00+02:00
24 04, 2013

Improved VPS specifications


As of today we’ve upgraded all our KVM VPS plans to 1 TB data transfer per GB RAM without raising the prices! Our existing clients are already enjoying

Improved VPS specifications2013-04-24T13:45:37+02:00
5 03, 2013

Install mod_pagespeed with DirectAdmin


In this blog I will describe how you can install mod_pagespeed in DirectAdmin. You can find more information about the module at the development website of Google. In

Install mod_pagespeed with DirectAdmin2018-05-17T14:01:35+02:00
31 01, 2013

News in brief 31 January 2013


New operating systems We've added the following operating systems to our KVM platform: CentOS 5.9 SystemRescueCD 3.3.0 Parted Magic 2013_01_29 Serverius: Start fase 3 Like us Serverius is

News in brief 31 January 20132013-01-31T09:27:22+02:00