Why you should have your own .eu domain

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There are in Europe multiple geographical TLDs (Top Level Domain, such as .com, .eu, etc) you can choose from. If you are Dutch, perhaps .nl is the best one to go. But you can also use .eu or even a .com domain. So, which TLD should you register? Make your company known in the EU Exporting your products or services … Read More

Important details regarding DirectAdmin CVE-2017-18045 Segfault

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Back in October 2017 DirectAdmin released version 1.52.1 with a cryptic message regarding a bug that could provide unauthorised access. The exact impact and access to what was unknown until today. To show the importance, DirectAdmin issued CVE-2017-18045. But what is this security bug really and what implications does it have? Recently we have been seeing reports from clients complaining about … Read More

Announcement: Emergency power maintenance in Serverius

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Since Februari 2014 Yourwebhoster.eu runs on two different power feeds. This means that we can keep our servers online, even when only one power feed is online. Today Serverius has announced that they will perform an emergency power maintenance on the A feed in Dronten as they have discovered problems in this power feed. To resolve this problem, they have … Read More

Install SublimeLinter-php on Windows

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I like to work with Sublime Text because of the many packages and simplicity. You can customize the applications in almost any way possible: color schemes, packages, settings and short cuts. And with the plugin SublimeLinter-php it is even possible to see your PHP errors before you save and run the file! I had recommended Sublime to my colleague, however … Read More

5 years of Yourwebhoster.eu

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On 11 January 2015 Yourwebhoster.eu is 5 years old! We are grateful to our loyal clients and are proud that our first customer is still with us after all those years. To celebrate our birthday we have a special offer for you. We offer you 10% discount on annual payments upon any other discount. If you have an existing service … Read More

New backup location: Amsterdam

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Backups are important and should be planned carefully. Sometimes I see situations where backups are created – which is a good thing – but are stored on the same server. This is something you do not want to do because if your server crashes your backups are gone as well. Instead you should store the backup on an external server. It’s even … Read More

Surprise: 2N power feeds!

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Last month I promised that we would have a surprise for every client. Unfortunately the planned surprise requires more time then expected so we have to delay that surprise for a bit. Do not worry! We have an other surprise! Because of the power outage we have had last week we have decided to do our migration to a 2N … Read More

4 years and counting!

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Some people do not like birthdays: it reminds them of getting older. But we at Yourwebhoster.eu like birthdays! It is a nice moment to celebrate our existence with a small party. It is also a moment to thank people who helped us to grow. To start I would like to thank our loyal clients. As you can imagine we have … Read More

Install mod_pagespeed with DirectAdmin

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In this blog I will describe how you can install mod_pagespeed in DirectAdmin. You can find more information about the module at the development website of Google. In short: it can improve the loading speed of your website. It can also cause errors on your website so I do not recommend to install and enable this for all shared hosting … Read More