The Power of Managed Hosting

The world of the internet is growing rapidly and constantly undergoing changes. Therefore, having a strong online presence and visibility is a requirement for every business. The power of Managed Hosting lies in your online presence. Whether you run an e-commerce store, manage a blog, or offer online services, your website is often the first […]

The benefits of reseller hosting

As a digital agency, it’s important to offer your clients a reliable, flexible, and scalable hosting solution. Especially when providing an all-in-one solution, reseller hosting can be a game-changer. The benefits of reseller hosting are significant, allowing you to offer hosting services without the need to manage the infrastructure yourself. Benefits of Reseller Hosting: Flexibility […]

Hosting management tools

In the world of hosting management, there are various tools and hosting platforms available to make website management easier. Three of the most popular and user-friendly options are Plesk, cPanel, and DirectAdmin. These tools provide users with an intuitive interface to manage their web hosting environment without technical knowledge. Let’s delve deeper into these management […]

The differences between hosting, VPS and Managed Hosting

If you’re thinking about creating a website, you are  likely to come across the terms as hosting, VPS and managed hosting. But what is it these terms exactly mean? And what are the differences between these options? In this article, we’ll explain these concepts so you can make a well-informed choice for your website. Hosting […]

The importance of an SSL Certificate

In today’s digital world, ensuring the security and reliability of a website is crucial. One of the key aspects of website security is having an SSL certificate. But what is an SSL certificate, and why is it important to have one? In this article, we will answer these questions and show you why an SSL […]

How to install WordPress with Header and Footer?

WordPress is a popular content management system (CMS) used by millions of people worldwide to build and manage their websites. WordPress is known for its flexibility and adaptability, allowing users to fully customize their websites according to their preferences. Many people use a page builder like Elementor for this purpose. What is Elementor? Elementor is […]

Hello cPanel Jupiter, bye Paper Lantern theme

In 2014 cPanel introduced the Paper Lantern theme. An at that time “Next look and feel” for cPanel. With the new cPanel Jupiter theme, we say goodbye to the old Paper Lantern theme. You can easily convert existing customers to the new theme. This prevents problems when setting up new services and allows you to […]

Get the best customer service for hosting services with our new support dashboard

We are constantly working to improve our services and that includes offering good support. You can find the new knowledge base at You can log in to this dashboard with the same login details as for the customer panel, as before. All your contact moments with us have also been transferred. On October 26, […]

Grow further with our new reseller plans

Wij hebben onze reseller pakketten volledig herzien met het doel om jou, de reseller, gebruik te kunnen laten maken van de laatste technologie en functionaliteit. Tegelijk hebben wij het gat tussen een reseller pakket en een eigen server kleiner gemaakt. Dankzij onze XL reseller hosting pakketten kan je snel en makkelijk doorgroeien! Vanaf heden maken […]

Host your own zoom alternative open source video conferencing alternatives

With all the news about COVID19 and the security leaks in Zoom, it is interesting to know what opensource video conferencing alternatives are available like Jitsi. When you are offering IT services, you can offer Jitsi to your customers to create good-will and/or to increase your revenue. In this blog, I will explain how you […]