DirectAdmin features

You can manage every feature of your hosting plan with DirectAdmin: you can add extra wesbites, e-mail addresses, FTP accounts, MySQL databases and so on. We also have a one-click installer which allows you to install the latest software with only one click!

And the best feature is that we offer FREE SSL certificates for all domains!

  • MySQL databases: create databaes and users. Download on demand a backup and manage your database with phpMyadmin. You always have enough databases available for your websites.
  • Manage your websites: you can have multiple websites in one account.
  • Manage subdomains: a subdomain is for example You can easily manage this with the DirectAdmin control panel.
  • E-mail boxes: cretate an e-mail address for you, friends, family or for your employees. You can set a limit of disk space per e-mail address.
  • E-mail forwarders: forward your e-mails to your general e-mail address.
  • E-mail: use Google Apps or any other external e-mail server or use our e-mail server (this is included).
  • E-mail: catch-all address. If an e-mail is send to an non-existing e-mail address like we can forward that e-mail to an inbox or other e-mail address. Or you can choose to drop that e-mail.
  • E-mail: vacation message. Are you going on holiday? You can easily let others know when they send you an e-mail by sending back a vacation message.
  • E-mail: spamassassin. This anti-spam software is configurable to what you prefer.
  • E-mail: mailing lists. With the mailing lists you can send news letter to your subscribers without using special software.
  • FTP: create FTP accounts and limit access to a folder.
  • Secure your files on the internet with a password. You can manage the control panel: this means that you don’t have to run difficult encryptions to secure your files.
  • File manager: manage your files online.
  • Webmails clients: Open your e-mails online with a webmail client: you don’t have to install an e-mail application.
  • Open your e-mails on your laptop, PC, tablet, smart phone or iPhone. It works with all e-mail applications: POP3, IMAP en SMTP is supported by default.
  • Statistics: watch online the statistics of your website. How many visitors do you have and where were the visitors looking for?
  • Logs: error and access logs are live accessible with DirectAdmin.
  • Error pages: Configure your own error pages with DirectAdmin.
  • DNS manager: control the DNS of your domains. The DNS of your website is hosted on our DNS cluster which runs from two locations and networks.
  • SSL support: when you’ve got your own IP address you can have your own SSL certificate on the server.
  • This is a short list with the features of DirectAdmin: there are plenty more!!

One-click installer

You can install your new website within 1 minute with the one-click installer. The installer supports over 200 applications and helps you to keep your application up-to-date. It is reminds you for security updates: this allows you to keep your website safe for your visitors.

SSL support

For a secure connection to your website you need a SSL certificate. Because of technical reasons it is only possible to have one SSL certificate per IP address.