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Hosting since 11 January 2010

Since January 2010

On 11 January 2010 we started officially with our hosting services to our clients. Since then our servers have helped millions of end-users by delivering websites and other servers. This makes us proud and we could not have done this without our loyal clients.


Ordering services can be hard for companies. There are situations where an invoice has to be accepted in the organisation and must be routed to the correct person. We can help you with this to make your life easier.

A reliable data center

Our servers are located in Serverius DC 1 and are connect on a 2N power setup. This allows us to keep the servers running even when one of the batteries or generators and the power grid is down.

More about Serverius DC 1

A reliable network

Our servers are connected via a reliable and stable network to the internet. By using quality brands and a good network design where dependencies are minimal we can deliver a high-quality uptime.

More about the Serverius netwerk

Enterprise servers

Our server park only runs with enterprise hardware with hard disks running in at least RAID 10. The server can stay only in the event when a hard disk fails without loosing data.

What do our customers say about us

We can say how good we are but our clients are objective and more reliable about how they experience our services. We do not pay our clients to write a good review.



We guarantee that you will get a reply on your question within 24 hours after opening a ticket. Usually we reply within several hours. We also have a Knowledge Base to help you even faster.

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Our servers only run when they are being used and always run on green energy. And we do not print a lot: almost anything goes digital.

Terms and services

Terms and services [pdf]


There are several ways to contact us: by phone, e-mail or a support ticket.

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