Reseller VPS

Reseller VPS

A wholesale VPS is ideal when you want to sell VPSes or when you have a lot if VPSes for yourself. With our wholesale program you can sell Virtual Private Servers with your own specifications. For example it is possible to create a VPS wth 0.5GB of RAM and a VPS with 2.5 GB of RAM.

Prepared for the future: IPv6

The current version of IP’s (IPv4, you can recognise it by 4 groups of 3 numbers seperated by a dot, like almost has reached its limit. The next version is IPv6 which we offer for free.

Standard included: 

  • Full root access
  • Direct online!
  • Reboot, re-install, stop or recover your VPS with SolusVM.
  • Support for many Operating Systems.
  • Gbit connection to the internet.
  • Option: we manage the servers.
  • reverse DNS (rDNS) configurable for IPv4 and IPv6 with SolusVM.
  • Free use for you and your clients of our DNS cluster (spread over two networks and locations).
  • Log in as your client without having his/her password!
Pay annually and get one month free!



Per month5 GB RAM

250 GB disk space

3750GB data transfer

5 IP addresses

5 VPSsen

(1 IP per VPS reqiured)

Free IPv6 (faire use)





Per month15 GB RAM

750 GB disk space

30.000 GB data transfer

15 IP addresses

15 VPSsen

(1 IP per VPS required)

Free IPv6 (faire use)




  • 1 IPv4 address €1.50 p/m
  • 1 or more IPv6 IP’s: free
  • 1TB data transfer €10.00
  • DirectAdmin license (monthly payment) €4,- p/m
  • DirectAdmin license (one-time) €40,- one-time
  • Cpanel license €15,- p/m
  • Managed VPS €24.99 p/m

You can put the upgrades in the order notes. We will add the upgrades after your order manually.

Managed VPS

When you do not have the knowledge to manage a server we can do that for you. This allows you to focus on the activities that you want to do with you server and we keep your server online. The following is included:

  • Every month we update the server.
  • 2 hours of maintenance per month for installing PHP and FFMPEG.
  • On request optimisation of your server.
  • 24/7 server monitoring.

Contact us for more information about the managed server services.