Custom WHMCS development

Customize your WHMCS installation

Just changing the header and footer does not make your client area unique. We can add more features customized for your company, making it more attractive for your customers to use your service.

Implement a custom recurring billing component

WHMCS can be utilised for many recurring services that are not related to hosting. We have experience in doing so and can help you with offering a custom implementation of WHMCS for your needs.

Connect your registrar

We have connected several registrars on a high level with WHMCS. Although just connecting the API with WHMCS could work, we test thoroughly for every extension available to make sure it works. Bad implementations can cause headaches, therefore we only offer rock-solid solutions.

We can manage your install

Updating WHMCS is easy when you are not using any addons. However, as soon as you customise WHMCS it can be tricky. We can take care of keeping your WHMCS installation working.


We are more than happy to help you with your requirements. Contact us for more information.

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