If no limits have been set (or unlimited is communicated), a fair use policy will apply to the service. This policy exists to prevent abuse and create stable services. The policy allows using up to twice the average used capacity by other users/services in similar circumstances. The capacity is calculated once per month.

If you are unsure whether you will hit the fair use policy, feel free to contact us. We can clarify whether your expected usage will be affected by this. The policy only exists to be used in extreme situations, but preferably we do not need to enforce this.

Upon exceeding the fair use policy, the client can be informed about the excessive usage of the resources. If the fair use limits are exceeded more than once and the customer is notified by us, we may adjust the prices for the current and future periods reasonably. In such event, we will inform the customer about the changes.

Depending on the contract, these changes do not resign earlier made agreements nor provide a right to cancel the contract earlier. However, if the client does not agree with the proposed solution, it can be considered to reduce the used resources within the limits of the fair use policy. Another option, if technically possible, is to enforce the limits set by fair use policy and not to increase the price. However, as this may bring down the provided service, this is not the default solution. Lastly, if no solution can be found, it can be decided by Yourwebhoster.eu to cancel the solution. The client can also apply for cancellation.

Upon excessive exceeding of the fair use policy, direct action may be taken. This can include (but shall not be limited to) excessive data traffic/bandwidth usage in a short time period, or anything that can affect other customers as well. E.g. the fair use limits are designed to be used across the period of one month. If this is used in one day or week, it may affect other customers negatively.

To what resource does the fair use policy apply?

Such policy can apply (but shall not be limited to): volume of data traffic, data traffic, processing capacity, memory, storage, electricity and server management.

Calculation example

The used capacity by other users is an average of all the used capacity of similar user/services. This used capacity is doubled to calculate the fair use limit. This limit can change from month-to-month.

When the average is 500 GB of data traffic per month, the fair use limit is 1000 of data traffic for that month.