We are open for conversation so feel free to pop a message or give us a call!

Email address:

Phone number: 00 31 85 273 48 10

How long does setup take?

After receiving your payment, we will setup your service within 24 – 48 hours on working days and send you a welcome e-mail with all the required information.

Where are the servers located?

All data is stored safely in the Serverius data centre in Dronten, The Netherlands.

How fast is your network?

We are proud users of the Serverius network, with a capacity of over 1 TBps.

How can I pay?

We support many payment gateways. You can find an overview with payment gateways in our knowledge base.

When does VAT apply & How much VAT do I have to pay?

You can find an explanation about the VAT prices and percentages in our knowledge base.

Can I run multiple domains?

Yes, this is possible. The limits are specified as the number of websites you can host with each plan.