In the equally named data center we use the Serverius network. This network is designed to be redundant and has a capacity of over 200 Gbit/second. To achieve this the Serverius network is connected with the following internet exchanges:

  • 40 Gbps AMS-IX
  • 20 Gbps NL-IX public peering + route server
  • 20 Gbps NL-IX Openpeering “NL transit”
  • 20 Gbps Tinet – Gtt
  • 20 Gbps Level3
  • 20 Gbps Cogent
  • 20 Gbps TATA communications
  • 20 Gbps Hebernia
  • 40 Gbps RETN international telecommunications
  • 120 Gbps miscellaneous transits and peerings

Network transport

The Serverius network uses three fiber suppliers and routes to transfer the network data. In case a supplier performs maintenance on all the fibers of that supplier Serverius can run via the two other fiber suppliers. This makes Serverius unique in the region because of the great network capacity and redundancy. Serverius uses Eurofiber, Unet and Relined for the fiber connections.

IPv6 and IPv4

Using the Serverius network we support IPv4 and native IPv6 IP’s. This means that you do not have to create a difficult IPv6 tunnel or other methods to get IPv6 working on your server. We also support reverse DNS for IPV4 and IPv6 by default and you can configure this with your VPS via our control panel.