There are in Europe multiple geographical TLDs (Top Level Domain, such as .com, .eu, etc) you can choose from. If you are Dutch, perhaps .nl is the best one to go. But you can also use .eu or even a .com domain. So, which TLD should you register?

Make your company known in the EU

Exporting your products or services is much easier to do so within the EU than with countries outside the EU. If you already are doing business across borders in the EU, having a .eu tld will show that your company is ready for doing transactions within the EU. Even when you are not doing business (yet), it is a good idea to register yours already. Registering the .eu domain for the first year is just € 1,-, claim your .eu domain today!

Alternative to other TLDs

With millions of domains registered already, there is a big chance that yours is already registered. If you are looking for a new domain, the .eu tld is the next best one in comparison to your country TLD.

Make phishing more difficult

In times like this, average users are still falling for phising e-mails, claiming that they are company X. If you just register the .nl domain, chances are that others will register other versions such as .com or .eu. This makes the phising e-mail look more legitimate while they are not. Even when you do not want to advertise the .eu domain, it is better to own the domain than that a third party abuses it. Register your .eu for €1,- here.

Not convinced?

Unsure if a .eu domain will help? Anyone can register a .eu domain. If a .eu domain is available now, it does not mean that nobody will register the domain later. Usually it can cost thousands of euro’s to get the .eu domain you could have had for just €1,-.


  • Prices are excluding VAT.
  • Price only applies on new registered .eu domains (no transfers or renewals).
  • Discount applies on first year only. The annual renewal price is € 3.99.
  • Available for new and existing clients.
  • Free DNS management.