Recently a vulnerability has been disclosed about flaws in processor designs, affecting but not limited to Intel, AMD and ARM processors. Due to how the flaws work and limitations in processor designs, it is not possible to mitigate these flaws with a processor firmware update (microupdate). Instead, an update is required on Operating System level, which means that Linux Operating Systems, Microsoft with Windows and Apple have to release a software update to resolve this problem.

We have implemented the fixes on Operating System level. Intel claims that they will release updates next week for 90% of the CPUs delivered in the last 5 years. These fixes need to be implemented on hardware level by our SuperMicro in BIOS updates (this software is the first thing you see when you boot your computer). As soon as these fixes are released, we will update our servers as well.

Update 04/01/2018 23:55

We will start updating all our services. This may cause a service interruption of up to 30 minutes.

Update 05/01/2018 04:00

All the servers have been updated.