3 04, 2020

How we deal with COVID-19


You've probably received an email from many companies about how they deal with COVID-19, how they follow the guidelines of the RIVM and how best to deal with

How we deal with COVID-192020-04-03T13:39:56+02:00
20 02, 2020

NEW: High-performance SSD VPS


Start using our new high-performance SSD VPS. The all-new platform is fully integrated in our self-service portal. Compared to the classic VPS, the cost saving is up to

NEW: High-performance SSD VPS2020-02-20T19:22:35+01:00
11 01, 2020 is 10 years and we are celebrating


We celebrate our birthday with a 10% LIFETIME DISCOUNT on almost all services. This means that you can order domains, servers and web hosting services with 10% lifetime is 10 years and we are celebrating2020-01-13T17:45:10+01:00
29 11, 2019

BLACKFRIDAY: Maak extreem goedkope backups


Create backups for the extremely low price of just € 0.02 per GB disk space per month (excl VAT. With our Blackfriday sale you only pay €

BLACKFRIDAY: Maak extreem goedkope backups2019-11-29T11:29:52+01:00
23 10, 2019

Pay your hosting services with Ethereum (ETH)


Starting from today, you can pay for your hosting services with Ethereum (ETH). From now on, you can order any hosting service (like a virtual private server, etc)

Pay your hosting services with Ethereum (ETH)2019-10-23T16:54:56+02:00
19 08, 2019

Price increase cPanel licenses


cPanel has changed their license system and, because of their new system, raised their prices. The new prices only affect unmanaged and managed virtual servers. If you have

Price increase cPanel licenses2019-08-19T15:05:27+02:00
19 08, 2019

No more lifetime licenses with DirectAdmin


For over 15 years, DirectAdmin has offered lifetime licenses for just € 40,- once. This included lifetime updates. This was a bargain, since a regular license is €

No more lifetime licenses with DirectAdmin2019-08-19T15:02:57+02:00
15 05, 2019

MDS-vulnerability on Intel Hypervisors


As you may have heart, recently major Intel security bugs have been found in the Intel CPUs. We will perform emergency maintenance on your service to mitigate these

MDS-vulnerability on Intel Hypervisors2019-05-15T20:14:31+02:00