19 08, 2019

Price increase cPanel licenses


cPanel has changed their license system and, because of their new system, raised their prices. The new prices only affect unmanaged and managed virtual servers. If you have

Price increase cPanel licenses2019-08-19T15:05:27+02:00
19 08, 2019

No more lifetime licenses with DirectAdmin


For over 15 years, DirectAdmin has offered lifetime licenses for just € 40,- once. This included lifetime updates. This was a bargain, since a regular license is €

No more lifetime licenses with DirectAdmin2019-08-19T15:02:57+02:00
15 05, 2019

MDS-vulnerability on Intel Hypervisors


As you may have heart, recently major Intel security bugs have been found in the Intel CPUs. We will perform emergency maintenance on your service to mitigate these

MDS-vulnerability on Intel Hypervisors2019-05-15T20:14:31+02:00
4 06, 2018

How to migrate from Github to your self-hosted Gitlab


Today Github has announced that it has been acquired by Microsoft. Some of you do not like this move and choose to move over to the hosted version

How to migrate from Github to your self-hosted Gitlab2018-06-04T15:12:40+02:00
18 05, 2018

GDPR: How does this affect you


As of 25 May 2018, we have to comply with the GDPR (or AVG in Dutch, Algemene Verordening gegevensbescherming). In this blog we explain how this affects you. Privacy

GDPR: How does this affect you2018-05-18T16:03:43+02:00
13 03, 2018

Why you should have your own .eu domain


There are in Europe multiple geographical TLDs (Top Level Domain, such as .com, .eu, etc) you can choose from. If you are Dutch, perhaps .nl is the best

Why you should have your own .eu domain2018-05-17T13:40:48+02:00
22 02, 2018

Important details regarding DirectAdmin CVE-2017-18045 Segfault


Back in October 2017 DirectAdmin released version 1.52.1 with a cryptic message regarding a bug that could provide unauthorised access. The exact impact and access to what was

Important details regarding DirectAdmin CVE-2017-18045 Segfault2018-02-22T20:51:48+02:00
4 01, 2018

Statement Kernel Side-Channel Attacks


Recently a vulnerability has been disclosed about flaws in processor designs, affecting but not limited to Intel, AMD and ARM processors. Due to how the flaws work and

Statement Kernel Side-Channel Attacks2018-01-04T08:40:16+02:00
28 07, 2016

Announcement: Emergency power maintenance in Serverius


Since Februari 2014 runs on two different power feeds. This means that we can keep our servers online, even when only one power feed is online. Today

Announcement: Emergency power maintenance in Serverius2019-05-29T15:48:45+02:00
26 10, 2015

Install SublimeLinter-php on Windows


I like to work with Sublime Text because of the many packages and simplicity. You can customize the applications in almost any way possible: color schemes, packages, settings

Install SublimeLinter-php on Windows2018-05-17T14:02:47+02:00