As you may have heart, recently major Intel security bugs have been found in the Intel CPUs. We will perform emergency maintenance on your service to mitigate these problems between 00:00 – 03:00 AM 16 May 2019. You can find more details regarding the vulnerabilities here.

If you have a VPS and manage this by yourself, please make sure that you have rebooted into the latest kernel version.

Kernelcare is planning to release a fix this Friday (17 May 2019).

Managed VPS
If you have a managed SSD VPS from the new series (introduced late 2018), you are not affected by this. The managed SSD VPS runs on AMD hardware and therefore is unaffected.

Question: Where can I find status updates?
You can find updates in this blog.

Question: How long will the service be interrupted?
Answer: We will keep the interruption as short as possible.

Question: Why the late announcement?
Answer: We waited for feedback of third parties to keep the interruption at a minimum.

Question: Can I switch to AMD?
Answer: We have AMD servers available for managed Virtual Private Servers on SSDs. You can find more information at our website.

If you have questions how you can process this change in your administration, please contact your finance department or tax advisor.