cPanel has changed their license system and, because of their new system, raised their prices. The new prices only affect unmanaged and managed virtual servers. If you have a regular webhosting or reseller hosting plan, than you are not affected by this price change.

With the new cPanel licensing scheme, cPanel tries to make it easier to become a cPanel customer. “We want to make it easier to become a cPanel customer.”. Pure marketing of course, their cheapest license is more expensive than the unlimited license we had before, thus making it harder to become a customer. The new prices are no joke and can increase the license cost up to 6 times the original price.

New cPanel prices

cPanel® Plan Name Platform Account Limit Price unmanaged Price Managed
cPanel® Admin Fixed Cloud Only 5 € 20 € 10 Included in base server management fee
cPanel® Pro Fixed Cloud Only 30 € 30 € 17.5
Premier Fixed 100 Cloud & Metal 100 € 45 € 30
Premier Fixed 125 Cloud & Metal 125 € 50 € 35
Premier Fixed 150 Cloud & Metal 150 € 55 € 40
Premier Fixed 175 Cloud & Metal 175 € 60 € 45
Premier Fixed 200 Cloud & Metal 200 € 65 € 50
Premier Fixed 225 Cloud & Metal 225 € 70 € 55
Premier Fixed 250 Cloud & Metal 250 € 75 € 60


How are users counted?
All users in List Accounts are counted. Note: when you exceed the purchases limit the license will be upgraded to the next level automatically.
Why did cPanel increase the price?
Most likely because Oakley Capital bought it.
Will the new price add any value to cPanel?
This is unclear.
What do you think about it?
We don’t get the price increase. cPanel claim it should be easier to become a cPanel customer. It’s not. It’s worse. You even have to be careful not to add too many accounts since you may be forced to upgrade.

Can I switch to DirectAdmin?

Yes. Depending on the total accounts, you can save hundreds of euros per server annually. There is one catch: DirectAdmin has removed their lifetime licenses. We can’t buy those anymore, but still, it’s just € 4 or € 5,- per month.