You’ve probably received an email from many companies about how they deal with COVID-19, how they follow the guidelines of the RIVM and how best to deal with it yourself. We have deliberately chosen not to send an e-mail about this. You are likely aware of how to deal with it and what impact it has on the world. That’s why we don’t send this blog in a separate email. Of course, we adhere to the guidelines.

In short, our operations run good while working at home and our infrastructure works perfectly. Before this started, everyone already was able to work from home. Our infrastructure is perfectly optimized for this. Normally, when we work from home we can pick up the phone using the smart phone. In this case, however, everyone has taken their own phone home. Due to the design of VOIP setup within the office, only a small network adjustment was required to make the phones work from home as well.


Despite the increased demand, we have more than enough capacity. So if you need more servers, more space or support, feel free to get in touch. We’re happy to help you. Working from home also presents the necessary challenges. We notice that this has also increased the demand for backup. After all, how do you remotely provide a safe backup? Although we react quickly in these days, sometimes it may take a little more time than usual. If you have an emergency assignment, please mark them as high priority.


We have minimalized the amount of visits to the datacenter. Despite strong demand, there is sufficient capacity. Due to the use of quality brand material, we hardly have to go to the data center. Here and there, sometimes a hard drive has to be replaced, but that can often be done by the data center itself. In addition, our system is designed in such a way that the failure of one hard drive can be directly absorbed without losing the redundancy.

Working remotely

As an internet company we can work perfectly from home. Partly because of our expertise, on the other hand, because we already know the need for working from home. Or rather, said, remotely. As the crow flies we have already tested our platform to function at least 10,000 KM and high in the air. That sounds impressive, but any place with internet is useful to us. We have also gained the necessary experience. Not every internet connection allows you to connect to your VPN. I do not mean the internet restrictive countries, but even hotspots in the Netherlands or universities that block your connection. Simple solutions help with this.

Working from home is less efficient, because you’re less likely to call a colleague than you walk there for a while. Online tasks systems, chat and call tools help tremendously. In addition, we do not use Zoom internally for safety reasons. While the situation we are in is unprecedented, it is the ultimate test to see how working from home is going. At first, you will like it. You no longer have to go into traffic jams (or for colleagues: the bus). You’re right at work. But the separation between work and private life is suddenly a lot smaller.

How to proceed now

As long as COVID-19 is in place, we will take the right measures to prevent infections and thereby do our bit. We have enough capacity to cope with growth. We do notice that customers have more and more problems with the payment of the invoices on time. Please let us know if you have problems with making the payment. Please contact our support. We would like to look at a long-term plan. This will be reviewed on an individual case.

Do you have any other questions? Contact us! We are happy to help.