We are constantly working to improve our services and that includes offering good support. You can find the new knowledge base at help.yourwebhoster.eu. You can log in to this dashboard with the same login details as for the customer panel, as before. All your contact moments with us have also been transferred.

On October 26, 2021 we will upgrade the helpdesk. For the upgrade, we are forced to take the helpdesk offline for a short period. You cannot reach us via the website and by e-mail between 09:00 and 12:00 in the morning (CEST). If there is a need to reach us, you can call +31 85 272 48 10.

After the upgrade, the helpdesk will look and work differently. You can still reach us via support@yourwebhoster.eu and you can check the status of the services on the website. Existing tickets will also be transferred. In addition, your current login details will remain the same.

Why are you making a change to the helpdesk?

Even before COVID-19 we started the work to have a new helpdesk in. However, we have postponed the implementation because our customers required more support because of COVID-19. A new system often requires extra time to get used to and we have now spent that better on providing the right support. You can expect that you receive even better support than before. You can also reach us better from October 26th via Facebook and Twitter. We also offered this before, but due to limitations of the current system it did not work like it should have.

More knowledge base articles

We took the opportunity to supplement our knowledge base articles. This increases the chance that you can immediately find the answer to your question. Do you still have questions? Then you can contact us right away!

Improved layout

We took the opportunity to rearrange the knowledge base. This makes it easier for you to find the right information based on your service.

Support via social media

You can also receive support via Facebook and Twitter. And we are working on even more contact options!

We are constantly improving our services. We also like to share why we chose this solution. This will be published in a later article.